Throwback Thursday & The JUNO Awards

The JUNO Awards are coming up this weekend and I thought no better time then to throw it back to the 2016 JUNO Awards in Calgary where I was fortunate enough to work on behalf of the JUNO Host Committee to coordinate event logistics surrounding some of their community engagement activations.   

This included a free concert downtown two weeks prior to the main event with singers Scott Helman and Jocelyn Alice, public autograph signings, arrivals performances at The Calgary Airport featuring eight local artists, a public red carpet for fans to enjoy at the entrance to the Saddledome complete with a 5' JUNO (carting this baby around was interesting to say the least), JUNO Hub a volunteer run JUNO 'store' filled with memorabilia and information on everything JUNO related.  

This was just a small part of the bigger picture as there were so many other amazing activations like JUNOfest, JUNO Cup, JUNO Gala Dinner, the REAL red carpet and beyond....

Highlights of my JUNO experience were running into the arms of Madeline Wilson in the bathroom after totally losing it in the "In Memorium" segment of the untelevised awards, Kim Stockwood running up to let me know the back of my "just needed to lose five more pounds to fit" dress had split open in the back.  Kim, I walked around the remainder of the evening with my clutch purse strategically placed behind me thanks to your kind help and my dear friend Colleen Smith for hosting me in her home. (...Who run the world?....LADIES).  Thanks ladies!

I've attended The JUNO Awards several times in past years including Halifax, Ottawa, Vancouver & Toronto and had a blast every time!  Getting involved really made a huge difference for me in Calgary so my suggestion is... should the JUNO Awards come to your city I encourage you to get active! It's an amazing community of people who put these events together every year and all volunteer run.

Be sure to tune into the televised awards this Sunday, March 25, 2018 at 5:00pm Pacific / 8:00pm Eastern on CBC!  I'll be taking a time out this year to watch from the couch!